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Herstellung von ChemikalienSEPAR CHEMIE has an extensive product line and several hundred chemical

articles for the most varied applications in its range of

goods offered.

Most of our products are produced by our national and

international suppliers and delivered directly to you within 2 to 3

weeks in accordance with your order.

Thus, flexibility is one of our outstanding hallmarks. We offer special

solutions for your individual delivery requirements. This is only

possible by means of a well-coordinated stock range. At our warehouse

in Ahrensburg, we keep than one hundred articles in stock for you as

well as solid and liquid POLY SEPAR® products. Consequently, we are able to achieve

very short delivery times of 1-3 days. We fulfil your individual

shipment instructions and most varied packing instructions such as:

  • cans, sacs, big bags, drums, cans, bucket, tankerTankers
  • Containers IBC
  • Barrels
  • Sacks
  • Recloseable bins




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