Flotation agents

Flotation agents, flocculants, poly acrylamide

are highly effective liquid flocculation and flotation agents with a wide application spectrum.

Flotation agents from SEPAR CHEMIE GmbH


are mixtures of various organic coagulants and flocculants with a PAC

component. They are used in waste water treatment.

POLY SEPAR CFM 55H-5588 and others

Application areas for flotation agents

The flocculants will be used for:

  • Wash water and emulsions containing surfactants
  • Petrol station waste water
  • Elimination of residual contaminants from industrial waste water (COD reduction)
  • Coagulation of dispersed systems

Handling of flotation agents

External laundry of trucks, COD reduction, gas station waste water, poly acrylamide

POLY SEPAR® CFM products are added undiluted to waste water. They form

light, but stable flocs of their own accord that are readily floated.


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