Emulsions breakers

emulsion splitting, oil phase, oil separationEmulsion breakers, emulsion splitters or demulsifiers are strongly cationic organic compounds, which aim to destabilize emulsifiers in oil-water mixtures, as found in e.g. demulsification plants. In a subsequent process the waste water is often treated with polymer flocculants.

Effect of emulsion splitters

The emulsion breakers from our POLY SEPAR® CFL

series are highly efficient organic charge carriers whose cationic

nature facilitates a specific destabilization of emulsions and

coagulation of solids in water. After a brief period, the oil forms a

thin layer on the surface of the water and can be collected for

secondary uses. The water phase can be discharged into the sewer system as purified according to the waste water ordinance.

Emulsion breakers from SEPAR CHEMIE

The emulsion breakers from SEPAR CHEMIE are available as:

•    Plant based
•    PolyDADMAC
•    PolyAmin

washing water, coagulation, latex waste water, Lacquer waste waterExamples of the application of emulsion breakers

Our demulsifiers are employed in the purification (treatment) of industrial waste waters for:

  • Breaking down industrial cooling lubricants
  • Coagulation of latex and paint wastewater
  • Coagulation of dispersed systems
  • Treatment of wash water

Handling of Emulsion breakers

The required dosage depends upon the medium to be treated, the  technical equipment on site (waste water treatment plant, emulsion splitting plant) and must be determined in laboratory tests.


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