Adsorbent agents

Abwasser, Abwasserreinigung, Wasseraufbereitung, Koagulation, CSB AOX Reduzierung, vernickeln, Kobalt, Cobalt, Chrom, KupferAdsorbent agents are powdery mixtures of inorganic adsorbents, metal salts and organic polymers. Due to their porous nature they offer a very large surface; contamination in the waste water can be effectively adsorbed.

Application fields of adsorbents

Adsorbents from the POLY SEPAR AM®  range show excellent  precipitation and flocculation characteristics. They are employed in industrial waste water treatment for the removal of unwanted substances, which are normally non-biodegradable.

They are used for:

  • COD reduction in wastewater
  • Coagulation of latex and paint wastewater
  • Removal of finely dispersed colloids and solute organic components
  • Treatment of wash water and emulsions containing surfactants
  • Treatment of wastewater in the metal industry
  • Treatment of wastewater in the paint industry and processing of paints
  • Treatment of wastewater in the paper industry and glue industry

  glue industry, Coagulation of latex and paint wastewater

Adsorbents from SEPAR CHEMIE

POLY SEPAR® AM 305 - AM 326:Bentonite-based adsorbent
POLY SEPAR® AM 10 - AM 26:Highly effective, bentonite free
POLY SEPAR® AM 101:Dust-free activated carbon - pellets
POLY SEPAR® P 5:This liquid, chloride-free adsorbent is
perfect for tackling corrosion problems

Adsorbents for electroplating

Polieren, glätten, entgraten, Adsorptionsmittel, GalvanikabwässerWe emphasize our product POLY SEPAR®  AM 24, which is particulary used in the treatment of electroplating waste for the reduction of:

Application and handling of adsorbents

The powder is added directly to the wastewater to be treated while

agitating it vigorously. After about 10 minutes agitation time, the

product has adsorbed the contaminants and formed stable flocs that can

then be removed.

The required dosage depends upon the medium to be treated and must be determined in laboratory tests.


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