Wash Water Treatment

vehicle laundry, cleaning agent, washing waterA wide variety of cleaning agents and surfactants are used in cleaning of technical components of all kinds, in vehicle washing and, in particular for tank lorries and tank cars (cold washing agents, acidic / alkaline cleaners).

These surfactants lead to a stable emulsification of contaminants, fats and oils in the wash water, rendering subsequent purification treatment of this wash water more difficult.

SEPAR CHEMIE has developed a range of products capable of effective treatment of such wash water emulsions.

Work Steps for Wash Water Treatment

First, in a single treatment step, the water to be treated is

demulsified by the addition of a suitable POLY SEPAR® type. The

destabilized oils, fats and solid contaminants form stable flocs that

can then be removed by means of sedimentation or flotation.

Please also see the heading Flotation Agents.

                   Öle, Fette, Flockungsmittel, Sedimentation, separ chemie, Flotationsmittel