Retention Agents

SEPAR CHEMIE has a wide range of liquid and solid cationic coagulants

of various molecular weight categories for the retention and dewatering

of pulp suspensions based upon polyacrylamide.

Besides the well-known commercial forms

  • Emulsions
  • Powders
  • Beads (micro pearls)

we have developed a completely new generation of water-based dispersions.

New generation of retention agents - KW and AW series

Retention, dispersion, paper grade quality, toilet tissueSEPAR CHEMIE has developed a number of innovative products that are

based on the new concept of water-water dispersions. POLY SEPAR® KW and AW

dispersions are suitable for the effective,  environmentally friendly

retention of bulking agents, ashes and fibres, even in the case of high

conductivity in closed circuits.

All these products are produced in quality "paper grade" with fast and residue-free solubility.

These products are subject in particular to the special criteria of the

XXXVI. Recommended by the BfA to be used for toilet tissue and food


Additional advantages of the POLY SEPAR® KW / AW series:

  • Easy and fast solubility
  • Solvent and surfactant-free
  • Environmentally harmless
  • Easy incorporation without expensive mixing and dosing systems
  • Reduction of foam problems
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Improvement of bulking agent retention
  • The highest effectiveness in closed circuits with high conductivity.

Here you will find our product information for downlaod: Environmentally friendly retention agents.

Also you will find our brochure: Innovative chemicals for the paper industry.

Starch reduction

A further original product is our POLY SEPAR® Ply Bond. It

is a synthetic, anionic acryl-amide-copolymer, which is completely

soluble in water. It is used in the production of multilayer papers and

cardboards, which are bonded with starch. POLY SEPAR® Ply Bond is added to the water-starch solution and is sprayed onto the paper layers.

The advantages of POLY SEPAR® Ply Bond are:

  • Increases the adhesion between the paper sheets
  • Partially replaces the starch at a ration of 1/10
  • Considerable cost savings
  • Applicable in a wide pH-range
  • Reduces the COD burden through reduced starch consumption

Crystallization inhibitor - C 5

POLY SEPAR® C 5 is a condensed extract from phosphonate and /

or acrylate, which was developed in order to inhibit crystalline

deposits on the paper machine, particularly in the area of Spraying tubing nozzles, paper-making machine, crystallization those, Burst Index, CMT

  • suction rolls
  • shower nozzles
  • sieves
  • felts

POLY SEPAR® C 5 has the following benefits:

  • Increase of the machine operation time
  • Significant reduction of the down times for cleaning work
  • No influence at all on the paper quality

Dry strength - POLY SEPAR® DS 1

PolyVinylAmin, paper fiber , Burst Index, CMTPOLY SEPAR® DS 1

is a water-based organic polymer dispersion with amphoteric character. 

POLY SEPAR® DS 1 produces a special bridge bonding in the fibre-fibre

area which achieves a measurable increase in strength of between 10% and

POLY SEPAR® DS 1 offers the following advantages: