Industrial wastewater, liquid organic polymer, decolorization. activated charcoalSolute pigment particles from industrial wastewater can be removed without POLY SEPAR® CFL + L products.

POLY SEPAR® CFL is a highly viscous, liquid organic polymer that has a

decolorizing effect on most natural and synthetic pigments by means of

its destabilizing and precipitant effects. The last turbidity in the

water is purified by adding special activated charcoal.

Work steps for Decolourization

precipitation, poly separ, color particle, adsorbent agents, flotation agentThe dosage level of POLY SEPAR® CFL determined in laboratory tests is

added to the wastewater to be treated with a high level of

incorporation energy.

We recommend subsequent treatment with our Adsorbents or Flotation Agents to remove the destabilized pigment particles.

We can also adapt the formulae, and thus the product properties, to the task at hand on the basis of laboratory tests.