Adsorption of Impurities

Flocculant agent, coagulants, aluminum salt, Poly SeparIn paper production, high-molecular polymer flocculants (coagulants) are preferred for separating solid contaminants from water systems. Very fine or dispersed solids are, however, not sufficiently reached by the coagulants. So-called coagulation with interferent-fixing agents is what is needed in such cases.

However, the aluminium salts frequently used for this purpose increase sludge volume and are problematical to handle due to their highly corrosive quality.

SEPAR CHEMIE offers an entire series of purely organic interferent-fixing agents with high-level cationic charges. These products can neutralize the negative charge of the colloids and destabilize the system. This process is termed coagulation. Subsequent treatment with flocculants reliably separates out all the solid materials.