For two decades SEPAR CHEMIE GmbH has been supplying innovative chemicals for waste water and sludge treatment.

Our products purify and improve:

•    Excess of COD- and AOX emissions
•    Scum and bulking sludge
•    Offensive smells
•    Sludge stability
•    Cleansing performance
•    Ecological water treatment
•    Economical water treatment


The settlement of sludge can be improved drastically

through treatment with our polymer flocculants POLY SEPAR® PK, AN, KW.

The remaining residue such as turbidity or pharmaceuticals can be

eliminated with POLY SEPAR activated carbon products.


biodegradable defoamer POLY SEPAR® DEFO provides an initial remedy for

foams in digestion towers. Following that targeted treatment can be

provided through improved sludge thickening.

A further problem is the

encrustation of pipes through magnesium-ammonium-phosphate-compounds

(MAP) and calcium carbonate CaCO3.  Our POLY SEPAR® C4 and C5 can

prevent encrustations on a long-term basis.

Separ Chemie supplies you

with the precise polymer for sludge treatment, regardless of the

equipment you are using for the treatment of your sludge. We also supply

polyacrylamide-free and/or oil-free polymers.

Also at small clarification pits the application of our POLY SEPAR® TB can lead to long-term optimization

Overview of our product range

We supply the following specialty chemicals for the particular requirements of waste water and sludge treatment:

•    Polymer flocculants
•    Water-based and polyacrylamide-free flocculant aids
•    Adsorbents
•    Defoamer concentrates
•    Precipitants
•    Odour controlling agents
•    Activated carbon or bentonite slurry
•    Biological specialty products on plant basis

Expert advice – from a single source

Should conventional products not

be able to accomplish the task in hand, we develop individual

tailor-made formulas for your particular application.

•    Detailed analysis of problem and situation
•    Development of formulas on a laboratory scale
•    On-site tests free of charge
•    Comprehensive consulting on process engineering, advice on products and profitability analysis
•    Fast trouble-shooting
•    Sample production
•    Ready to use liquid polymers