Waste water chemicals in the paints-, glue-and varnish-industry

The ecological and economical treatment of waste water has been our stated goal for over two decades. In addition to chemicals which have been tailored to your individual waste water problems we offer complimentary advice on process engineering. This permits the optimisation of your facility with respect to the consumption of product, fresh water, energy, and time, compliance with environmental regulation and reduction waste disposal fees.

Problem definition

For dissolved paint we offer adsorptive POLY SEPAR® AM and CFM –products with and without activated carbon. POLY SEPAR® CFM-products can be dosed by hand for the removal of bonding agents. They also purify turbidity in waste water. Our

specialist POLY SEPAR® AM-products enable the trouble-free filtration

of sludges even if the wax-, varnish- and paraffin contents are high.


the removal of heavy metal residues including those causing problematic

pH-values we have developed specialist polymer flocculation aids. Also

our POLY SEPAR® METALSORB can bind heavy metal residue in order to

comply with regulations.

Our bacteriostatic products POLY SEPAR® KS

300 and KS 400 obstruct the activity of bacteria in waste water and keep

it odour-free.

Our products POLY SEPAR PK, AN, and AM can guarantee

the flocculation of fine and finest particles during the

after-treatment of the clarified water and extend the service time of

filter units.

In waste water facilities tensides can lead to

considerable foam problems, which can be tackled with the help of our

POLY SEPAR® DEFO-product types.

With the adsorptive additives POLY SEPAR AM, CFM the COD/TOC (now IOC) values can in many cases be reduced.

Expert advice – from a single source

We offer the following services free of charge:

•    Detailed analysis of problem and situation
•    Development of formulas on a laboratory scale
•    On-site tests free of charge
•    Comprehensive consulting on process engineering, advice on products and profitability analysis.
•    Fast trouble-shooting
•    Sample production
•    Ready to use liquid polymers