Waste water chemicals in the metal working industry

Depending on the type of metalwork, different kinds of waste water are produced, each of which brings special problems.
With the optimised use of waste water chemicals, regulations for the protection of the environment can be complied with, fresh water consumption can be reduced, high disposal costs can be reduced, demands on the budget lowered and difficult waste waters (which until now had to be disposed of without treatment) can be treated.

We supply:

•    Polymer flocculants
•    Metal-binding agents
•    Adsorbents
•    Pre-splitting agents
•    Chemicals for the treatment of slide grinding waste waters
•    Odour absorbing agents
•    Defoamer concentrates


Waste waters accrued when slide grinding containing

compound particles and rubbed off parts can simply be subjected to

preliminary treatment with our powdery POLY SEPAR® AM and our liquid

product mixtures.

Oil residue from cooling lubricant emulsions can be targeted, destabilized and separated with several of our products.


POLY SEPAR® CFL, CFM products pre-treat waters from concentrate or

degreasing baths so they can be collected by regular waste waters.


compound or many metals from electro-plating waste waters and anodized

waste waters our metal-binding agents help to completely remove residue.

Our special POLY SEPAR products remove, coagulate or flock varnish-, wax-, and paint- residues from waste waters.


bacteriostatic products POLY SEPAR® KS 300 and KS 400 inhibit the

development of sulphurous, toxic, and odorous gases produced by


Heavy metals, generated by working on precious metals, can be flocked by our products and so recycled.

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